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Written by: drobs

15 February 2010 32,738 views 9 Comments

Two Bridges Brewery is a small, family run business set up by husband and wife, Kevin & Kerri Durkan and Susan Kane, Kerri’s mum.

Kevin came up with the name Two Bridges Brewery, walking home one evening over Caversham Bridge.  He wanted a name that was in keeping with being local and at the centre of the Caversham community.  As Caversham has two bridges it seemed the perfect choice.

Caversham bridges are renowned for the swans that reside in the Thames beside them.  Kevin decided to use swan names as the theme for the ales he produces.

Two Bridges Brewery successfully brewed its first real ale, Golden Cygnet on Sunday 13th September 2009, it is now available along with 3 other Real Ales, look at the “our beers” section of their website.

We hope that Kevin and Kerri will post updates on their ales and most importantly, where we can drink their beer.

Please support this local brewery!


  • Ron said:

    Where is this place? Can’t even see the address on thier website.

  • drobs (author) said:

    It seems to be mystery. I read in a real ale publication that they have set up in their garage!

    I’ve invited the owners to sign up and post new on their brews but heard nothing back.

  • Ron said:

    Mmmm. Have you seen their beers in any local pubs? Can’t say I have but will keep a look out now.

  • drobs (author) said:

    I’ve heard it’s found in a few places in town and it is sold in the Star pub Caversham, which has apparently changed hands.

  • admin said:

    I noticed the Emerald Trumpeter on tap at the newly re-opened Jolly Angler when it was featured on South Today this evening.

  • twobridges said:

    Greetings from Two Bridges Brewery.

    Sorry this is a bit of a long one.

    Hi everyone I’m sorry it’s taken me a long time to register.
    It’s been a mad year and sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day.

    To answer a few of your queries, We are based in Ardler Road, and I do indeed brew in a large garage I converted at the back of my house.

    we now have a range of 5 or 6 beers which are rotated including a few seasonal’s.

    Although we are a caversham brewery getting our beers into Caversham pubs has proved tricky.
    We played with Wetherspoons for a bit but to be quite honest they are the worst company I have ever had the miss fortune to come up against.
    we where being served in the star for a while but this was mostly being drunk by the landlord a few ale drinkers who would pop in from time to time.
    Tony in the fox and hounds. rotates one of mine with a london pride.

    The pubs in Caversham apart from the fox and hounds are tied to pub companies and as such can’t buy direct from us. The main one being Enterprise Inns who have the Star which they are trying to off load but not as a pub! The red Cow and the crown on the bridge. The crazy thing is that all these pubs can order from us but they have to sign up through enterprise to the SIBA (society for independent Breweries) Direct delivery scheme. This is a service which all of the main pub companies have signed up to and essentially the pub orders our beer from a list and we deliver the beer.
    Brilliant you’d think!
    Well the problem with pub companies is that they are greedy and the margins they charge on top can be staggering.

    A barrel of beer which should cost £65 + VAT direct ends up costing nearer a hundred.

    The thing is that there a lot of pubs out there making this work without charging the customer a fortune by offering a real choice of real local beer. The Nags Head Russell street and the hobgoblin in town being the best of the bunch. (the nags head is actually a tied pub and gets all its beer through siba scheme)

    I think most people realise that a lot of pubs are in trouble and a lot of landlords have read about the growth in real ale and are now selling more ale. Unfortunately a lot of them are selling the same old beers.

    Real ale is a growth market and that growth is being driven by independent breweries offering new and exciting beers as well as resurrecting older beer styles.

    Ale drinkers are an educated bunch and I urge you to join Camra if you haven’t already as they are carrying the fight. (although they are not with out their own issues)

    We sell our beers mainly to a few pubs in Reading The Nags, The Hobgoblin, Great Expectations, The Allied Arms (a bit on the pricy side), The Jolly Anglers, The Lyndhurst, The Plough Tilehurst, and The Inn on the park Woodley. we also sell a lot of beer in london, oxfordshire, Buckingshamshire and surrey.

    Anne Marie from the griffin is trying to get her bosses to let her sell our beer.
    If you drink locally, ask the landlords why they don’t sell local ale?

    We’ll keep keeping on regardless.

    Many thanks Kevin

  • twobridges said:


    I forgot to say that if you are interested in trying our beer over the christmas period, I am selling 10 litre 18 pint polypins for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

    I will be doing a christmas and New year delivery.
    They are £33 and you can contact me on 07915540926 to discuss your needs and beer availability.

    Cheers, Merry Christmas

  • drobs (author) said:

    Welcome finally to the site!

    Have you tried the Bird in Hand as heard that is a freehand, local restuarants (such as the indians) and also local sports clubs like Abbey RFC and Kidmore End Cricket Club?

    Don’t forget to submit free to our directory and post to our site – it’s all free and we want to help you succeed.

  • twobridges said:

    Hello Mate,
    I think the bird has 3 of our beers at the moment! Can’t believe i forgot about David at the Bird In Hand, Also the Bell At Waltham St Lawrence and Stag and hounds.

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