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Do not give to beggars in Caversham

Written by: drobs

22 February 2010 18,169 views 6 Comments

avoid beggars in cavershamResidents and shoppers in Caversham are being advised by police not to give food or money to beggars in the area.

The neighbourhood policing team has recently noticed an increase in people begging in Caversham and believes many of them have recently been banned from the town centre.

Begging is an offence, makes people feel uncomfortable and should not be supported. Many are using begging to support drug habbits.

Anyone with any information about people begging in the Caversham area can contact PC Smith via 08458 505 505.


  • Ron said:

    Direct and to the point! Are there any homeless charities operating in the local area who will help these people?

  • drobs (author) said:

    Ron – Why don’t you do some investigations and post your findings?

    However, ho said they are homeless anyway? They might be professional beggars. Seen some with various items to indicate not homeless, such as mobile phones. Even saw one I’d regularly seen in Reading, getting on a train to ‘commute’ home at the end of the day. These sort of peeople spoil it for genuine homeless people that deserve help.

  • Ron said:

    I’m no journalist mate. I was just thinking about those people who are forced to beg and people who want to help.

  • admin said:

    People wanting to help local homeless people in a positive way may want to contact the Reading Single Homeless Project.

    To quote from their site, “RSHP want every person in Reading to have their own home and the opportunity for a positive future. Our mission is to house, support and empower vulnerable people to transform their lives and fulfil their potential.”

  • MarkSpizer said:

    great post as usual!

  • Steve said:

    Whilst I realise that begging is open to all kinds of abuse I hope I never reach the point when I see desperate people as a nuisance. I think that this issue is a matter for each of our consciences and I personally feel better giving money to a down-and-out than to a multi-national coffee company.

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