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Gravel Hill closure to be permanent

Written by: Matt

1 February 2010 36,543 views 6 Comments

EGRA advise in their February newsletter that Reading Borough Council’s Traffic Management Advisory Panel met on 12 January and have resolved to make the closure of Gravel Hill permanent.

Here are the full minutes of the meeting.

Of interest here is Item 6, which comprises four separate parts: Gravel Hill – Experimental Closure, Objections (main document), Appendix A (Expressions of Support, Objections & Comments), Appendix B (Road Closure Report – Executive Summary), and Appendix C (map).

The outcome of the meeting is summarised (from the main document above) as follows:


That the following recommendations be made to Cabinet:

  • That in consultation with the Chair of the Advisory Panel, Lead Councillor for Planning and Transport and Ward Councillors the Head of Legal Services be authorised to make the Borough of Reading (Gravel Hill) (Prohibition of Vehicles) (Experimental) Order 2009 permanent in accordance with the Local Authorities Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations.
  • That the closure point is retained at the western end of the road and additional socked, removable bollards are installed as shown on Drawing No. NM/GH/TMAP/01/10. [Appendix C above].

Amongst the expressions of support and objection in Appendix A are numerous requests from some people on Gravel Hill and Rotherfield Way to open the bollards between Hunters Chase and Tredegar Road. Although not included in the recommendation (but mentioned in section 4.2.5 of the main document), for those living in that area it is worth paying attention to the progress of this issue.

If you are unfortunate enough to be inconvenienced by the closure of Gravel Hill, there are two suggested alternative routes that can address this, depending upon which direction you’re travelling:

  • Rotherfield Way/Oakley Road. Using this route you can get onto Woodcote Road (A4074) or Peppard Road (B481) quite easily, for travelling north or south along either.
  • Peppard Road (B481) – Kennylands Road – Reade’s Lane (past Chiltern Edge School) – Horsepond Road – Woodcote Road (A4074). It sounds complicated, but brings you onto A4074 at Cane End by what was until recently the Fox Inn at one end, and onto the B481 just south of Sonning Common at the other.

There are numerous other routes, but I would suggest you look at a map and note the locations schools (parents dropping off children and young pedestrians), turns across traffic, and so on.

The final point made by EGRA’s newsletter is that once the minutes of the meeting are ratified on 15 February, the closure will be made permanent and there will be no right of appeal or objection.


  • drobs said:

    Should the report include all comments? I know mine and those of a neighbour where not included.

  • cds said:

    typical council decision. a sham, decided upfront by a bunch of paper pushing jokers.

  • drobs said:

    Just let them try and open up Hunters Chase bollards……………they might get a paper cut or two.

  • Danny said:

    From the report it seems like it was a cost cutting exercise/decision by the council. Out of all the options, closing Gravel Hill was the cheapest at £8k and had no ongoing annual costs.

    Or am I being harsh?

  • Matt said:

    Sadly, you’re probably spot on. Though I suspect it may not have been the original intention.

  • Pete Moring said:

    Only just found this post.

    It’s no coincidence that every time a new ‘traffic calming’ scheme is forced upon us by the local Street Muggers (Read Council) things get worse not better, and even more ‘dangerous’, ie the Oxford road cock-up.
    Including allowing traffic driving West to turn right into the new Tesco. I hate to think how we’ll even consider escape when the Mosque opens along there.

    They have an agenda to cause as much interruption of ‘natural’ traffic flow as possible so that they can then Force through the dreaded ‘Congestion Charge’ so that they can fleece us for even more money which they can then use to pay themselves to go on ‘Fact-Finding Missions’ abroad – To attend meetings with the only intention of arranging ‘further’ meetings where they all receive payments for time and travelling – and the list goes on.

    Labour were technically voted ‘out’ of local control fairly recently, but as we are seeing with the National Coalition, greed still wins in ALL of the decision making, and probably always will. Unless we get rid of the whole bunch of gravy-train commuters who are devoid of all common-sense, ethics and morals we will have to put up with unfair and ill thought out decisions being ‘forced’ upon us – much like Communist Governments do – now there IS a coincidence :-)

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